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The leasing process is designed to be a quick and simple way to acquire necessary assets without needless trips to the bank. We work as quickly as your needs require and the process is managed entirely by Jyske, enabling you to focus your time and energy on your business. Detailed below are the basic steps to leasing your equipment

The process begins with a need to purchase new equipment for your business. Whether this need is immediate or a few months away, the process begins by contacting Jyske so we may quickly understand your business and equipment need. Based on the needs of your business we will structure a suitable lease or financing structure to help you make a more informed decision regarding your budgetary constaints and purchasing power.

If there is a future equipment need, it is a good idea to work with us early in the process to have the necessary funds approved in advance so you know exactly what funds are avalable before selecting the required equipment.

Jyske receives credit application and information regarding the assets to be financed either from the client or equipment supplier.

Jyske Leasing forwards credit approval decision to the client along with lease documentation for review and signature.

Client returns signed lease documentation to Jyske Leasing, vendor receives instruction to release the customer�s equipment.

Equipment supplier submits its invoice to Jyske for Payment.

Download our credit application or feel free to contact one of account managers to discuss your upcoming equipment purchase.


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