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Our dedicated leasing professionals are actively involved with our vendors at all levels of the sales process. We are committed to protecting the established goodwill between our vendor partners and their clients by painlessly guiding both through the leasing process. We take the necessary time to understand the client�s needs and in the end help our mutual client acquire the equipment and mission critical software they need while assisting our vendors close more sales.

Jyske Leasing can help to integrate leasing into your sales regime by custom tailoring a vendor program designed to help you retain more customers and close more sales. In addition to a variety of our vendor program features, Jyske Leasing helps our vendors focus more energy on selling their equipment and software because we take care of all the leasing related details.

Vendor Program Features:
  1. Private label lease application � Unify brand awareness.
  2. Customized payment calculator � Our lease calculator makes it is easy for clients to estimate their monthly payment early in the sales cycle.
  3. Personalized service for your clients � Friendly and knowledgable leasing professionals take care of the details so you can work on other transactions.
  4. Prompt payment - We expedite payment on your sale upon equipment delivery.

We are always available to speak to your customer and take the credit information over the telephone. From courteous and professional service to competitive rates, we want to help you close your sale. Ready to offer equipment lease financing for your customers and close more sales? Contact us to become a vendor partner.

Unsure of the benefit of leasing for your customers? Click here to learn more about the advantages of leasing for your customers.


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