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Equipment leasing is a powerful financial tool and a viable alternative to cash purchases and traditional loans. The principal difference between lease and loan financing rests in the structure of the agreement and requirements of the lender. With traditional loans, banks may at their option demand repayment at any time during the course of the loan, require ongoing disclosure of financial performance, and require restrictive personal and financial covenants. Alternatively, lease financing provides for quiet enjoyment of assets on lease for a predetermined period of time at a fixed monthly payment. Consider the following advantages of leasing before writing a cheque or drawing on your businesses line of credit to purchase your company�s next piece of equipment

Leasing is worth considering � some advantages include:
  • Preservation of working capital and credit lines to manage day-to-day business demands such as growing accounts receivable and investments in inventory
  • Cash flow management - match monthly cost of equipment to the revenue the new equipment produces
  • Hedge against inflation as future dollars pay for equipment purchased at current prices
  • Leasing allows for 100% financing of both equipment costs and mission critical software
  • Defer sales and consumption taxes across the term of the lease
  • Simple budgeting with fixed monthly payments
  • Structure payments to meet the unique constraints of your business (seasonal, step up/step down)
  • Early buyout options available


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